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  1. How to Post a Game Bug Report
  2. Skill bar cooldown visual bug
  3. Server Down?
  4. Not Sure If A Bug Or Not "HotKeys"
  5. Audio
  6. Text is cut off by UI in various places.
  7. Satan's Bug Report's and Other Junk
  8. Fell through the world - reproduction steps inside
  9. First Run, Resolution Change, Landing Page Screen Truncated
  10. Requiring Admin to Run
  11. FPS Bugs Related to UI
  12. Shadowhunter dancing blade cast delay
  13. Quest dialogs improvement
  14. Interacting with NPC not cancel current movement
  15. Allow skills on LMB
  16. Mounts/pets interface
  17. Spell Cooldown Img Clipped
  18. Item Identification: "Would you like to identify 25 Silver using Windbrook Ring?"
  19. Crashing computer
  20. There was a problem moving existing files in preparation for the update (Error #1008)
  21. Devilian Launch Error
  22. [QUEST] Growing as a Devilian - Baren Laurent or Baron Lauren
  23. Vanishing coins in warehouse in goldendusk village
  24. Devilian Skill UI
  25. couple of buds and comments
  26. Ranged attacks going through solid objects
  27. Items that (don't) Stack
  28. White Lion Village bug!
  29. Item Level of gear in heroic dungeons
  30. Basic abilities being put back on action bars on level up
  31. (Random Error Occurred)
  32. Warehouse Scroll Drops FPS
  33. Organic's Bug Reports
  34. Miss named item
  35. Lightning Cannon
  36. Feeble Armor Soul
  37. Log in screen scaling
  38. Friend List
  39. Arrow Keys as Movement
  40. Bad quest
  41. Evoker skill not applying
  42. Warehouse - DON"T ADD TO EXISTING STACK IN SHARED SLOTS - added items will disappear
  43. Taliman Cards effects Disapearing
  44. Abyssal Tower Challenge Rewards
  45. Odd Tower Issue
  46. Fences that don't fence
  47. Under the Floor
  48. Level 52 branding runes Disappearing
  49. Grey Hearts
  50. Abyssal Tower
  51. Auto-run/mount
  52. Bought 5x Talisman Box, "Purchase failed", Credits deducted, No mail
  53. Green Moss Woods Mob Glitch
  54. Dungeon Hang Crash bang boom....
  55. Shadowhunter Shadow skill Greedy Shadow
  56. [Spoiler] White Lion Village
  57. Founder Items second character
  58. Cannoness hotkey bug
  59. Abyssal Tower Daily Challenges
  60. Founders & Marketplace Items - HUGE ISSUE
  61. Daily Log in tracker
  62. Party Member Highlight
  63. Dancing Cannoneer
  64. Character preview dissapeared
  65. Salvage Bug
  66. Gunslinger Vigor Talent
  67. Cannoneer - Salamander's Trail
  68. Guild Maintenance
  69. Vile Vault Final Boss Bug.
  70. Account Warehouse Deleting items. WITH VIDEO!
  71. Purchases for Credits
  72. Abyssal Tower Challange Weekly Ranking
  73. System damage report
  74. Guild Master Not Logging In
  75. Guild Merchant Bug "I hope"
  76. Growing as a Devilian quest bug
  77. Bug since last patch
  78. Bug streaming with OBS.
  79. G1 Blue gem?
  80. After Alt+Tab, I have to click on the window
  81. White blotches all over the screen
  82. Pretty Consistent Crashing on Vile Vault
  83. [Bug] Soul Healer Window Not Closing
  84. Second skill page won't "stick"
  85. Broken Achievements
  86. Berserker Dawn shirt set
  87. Revivial Stone (Reward) Do not work
  88. Growing as a Devilian
  89. Broken Achievement Thread
  90. Innexistant Barrier
  91. Frozen NPC Animation
  92. Elemental Prison Graphics bug
  93. Mouse cursor disappears
  94. Warehouse to Account Warehouse Bug
  95. TRION FOUNDER card- Broken
  96. Two endgame quest bugged?
  97. LV 50 Way of the Vallondese Hero Heroic Bug
  98. Lightning damage on Private Chambers Heroic
  99. 2 small bugs i have noticed
  100. Bug - Can't complete "remote" quests
  101. "Enter the Abyssal Tower" Daily Not checking off challenge list.
  102. Menus causing framerate issues
  103. Berserker Whirlwind skill causes Unknown Error Crash
  104. Pressing left ctrl while using WASD movement breaks your movement keys
  105. Do not translate
  106. IHG Drop rate "Increase"
  107. Reusing names
  108. Autorun not mounting
  109. Patch Bugs
  110. Patch Bugs
  111. [Bug] Infested Manor +3
  112. Hot key issue!
  113. <Shift-key> Needs to issue "force stop" when used with ALL skills.
  114. [Bugs] Cannoneer
  115. Dawn evoker set
  116. Evoker's Recovery Field
  117. Shadowhunter Abyssal Dimension not always activating
  118. Skill Page Ticket
  119. Marketplace
  120. Autorun fail
  121. Down rightest skillbox not working while queueing for arena
  122. Arena/BG Queue
  123. Infinity Hunting Grounds Balancing versus Nerfing
  124. @scapes
  125. Message about new skill pops-up to late
  126. Recovery field + quest loot fail
  127. Corpses sliding across the area
  128. Inspect a player
  129. Ruined Citadel Heroic
  130. lvl50 coop event
  131. Bug in "Select a character"
  132. Basic abyssal tower
  133. Friends requests bug
  134. Arena end screen
  135. Bug not allowed to enter Terror of the Depth
  136. Devilian Power rankings bug?
  137. 6v6 Matchmaking broken
  138. Revival box
  139. Passive tree
  140. Alion Wits Artifact
  141. Bladed Whirlwind Crash Report
  142. Fell through ice floor - Elemental Prison
  143. Why can"t I heal myself ?
  144. Collision bugs
  145. quickstep mastery bugged
  146. Bugs i have found
  147. Evoker Assault end skill "Elementalism" bugged
  148. Traveler Set Item Names -- [Invalid TextLocale]
  149. Mobs dont agro at all
  150. Aeria's Special 30 day buff icon disappeared
  151. new character quests bugged?
  152. Did not receive blesseing
  153. Revive Bugged in Agony Device
  154. Evasion mobs in [Mission] The Secret of Van Houte Estate
  155. Glyph launcher bug?
  156. Areas that Graphics bug out (Screen Shots)
  157. Proficiency bug? Not applying to other characters
  158. Bug mob
  159. Artifact Extractor - cannot remove Artifact
  160. Cannoneer - Opportunist Mastery: Piercing Flame
  161. monsters life keeps reseting
  162. Failed to Connect to the Server. Return to Lobby
  163. Some of the Issues i've seen with the game. Sorry if some are a reposted
  164. Can't use Skill Page Expansion Ticket
  165. Secondary Spec Bug
  166. Adeline Coast - East Gardens
  167. Abyssal Tower - In Realm of Rage (Basic): Doesn't allow players to clear all the way to 40th Floor
  168. Evade Mob Bugs
  169. You can walk through prison cells
  170. Guild Skill Bug
  171. Logitech G502 , can't bind side buttons
  172. Friendlist makes fps drop
  173. Account wide perks like titles etc are not applying to new characters.
  174. Fighting Hellion
  175. bug report
  176. Monster Evade bug only partially fixed
  177. alpha perks vanished
  178. lost founders pack items!
  179. Canonoeer passive not working
  180. [Quest Bug] Wrath of the Chief - Name mismatch
  181. [UI Bug] Quest Tracker issue
  182. Random crashed happends all the time now
  183. Warehouse and Artifact Crafting Bugs
  184. Agony Device - Final boss poison on ground animation does not reset
  185. Devilian ground
  186. Devil hunt devilian form bug
  187. [Guild] Cooperative Daily Quests do not work
  188. Talisman 4 piece set bonus effect does not work
  189. Graphics bugs in dungeons
  190. List of (possible) bugs
  191. Little to no Connection During 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM (AST)
  192. Passive skill will stop working when changing skill tree or changing channels
  193. Game still limits you to 60fps even when vsync is turned off.
  194. Possible Bug in daily challenge list ?
  195. Attack speed broken.
  196. Alon's Wits incorrectly scaled.
  197. Proficiency stats were not scaled up
  198. Force stop with shift has become even worse with the patch
  199. Absurd lag when mail opened
  200. Glitched mobs in Twilight Woods
  201. Voices not matching appearance.
  202. Inventory Screen Takes Up Entire Screen
  203. Hit animation not synced with character location.
  204. Infested Manor Dungeon
  205. Abyssal Tower Bugged
  206. Fall of Shady Snake Beach
  207. Weird Graphic Glitch in Redwheat Ruins
  208. Devilian form/Normal form skill bug
  209. No gear drop necro labs
  210. Evoker Crux set
  211. Guild Dungeon
  212. Regarding the Cooperation Dailies
  213. Friends List UI
  214. Game Crash while using Bladed Whirlwind with berserk
  215. Evoker Meteor Strike
  216. Seadrift Village Questicon and Autorun Issue
  217. Minimap not displaying Quests
  218. Forgotten Prison monster bug
  219. Focus Feedback Thread: Whirlwind Berserker Skill Issue
  220. Friend Requests (and invites of other forms?)
  221. Crash - Abyssal Tower
  222. Crash coop bosses
  223. [52 Archdevil] 3rd boss phantom extra mechanic
  224. Achievement bug: Grounded.
  225. Bugged quest
  226. Craft bug
  227. bonuses from the founders packs
  228. Forced Crash (from Unlikely Cause)
  229. Marketplace purchase
  230. Builder Attack Speed
  231. Initialisation incomplète du serveur
  232. Warehouse big bug
  233. Skills default to skill page 1 when entering a dungeon
  234. On-Screen Quest Log - limited lines
  235. PVP item salvage costs not updated
  236. Echoing Caverns Possible Bug