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  1. Welcome to the Devilian Beta General Discussion Forum!
  2. Devilian Beta Roll Call Thread
  3. Beta: a little guide to get in (with screenshots)
  4. Beta people who cant see dev in library and have had beta invite/keys redeemed
  5. Beta Build
  6. Tips and tricks for new players: enjoy your beta
  7. Any login issues?
  8. Cant download
  9. How do we move our camera???
  10. Force Attack
  11. UI Scaling
  12. Glyph Settings
  13. Cannot Play
  14. Cant stream i have a blackscreen in obs
  15. I just want to play....
  16. Stamina[Beta]
  17. My Beta feedback
  18. Still possible to get beta access?
  19. /announce
  20. Broken quest
  21. controls feel unresponsive
  22. NumPad Recognition
  23. Capped at 57fps?
  24. Beta Rewards, Special Titles etc.
  25. /announce needs to be able to be hidden
  26. Anyone using numpad for movement?
  27. Accidentally destroyed inventory expansion
  28. Settings are glitch?
  29. It says Unknown Error Occured.
  30. Controller Support and Target selection
  31. Envoker: Bouncing Lightning Cooldown
  32. Hotkeys: Mouse Keybinds.
  33. Movement: Dodge/Teleport
  34. Click through chat option.
  35. Thoughts.
  36. Dissapointed or not at a specific level? Game is amazing though
  37. Buddy quests
  38. feedback
  39. add an attack in direction you are facing key like evasion
  40. [Feedback] Dungeon Completion Screen
  41. Original Cannoner Voice
  42. dark vortex is op D:
  43. Feedback after testing the beta
  44. Invoker Flame Spear
  45. BLUE! Blue everywhere!
  46. Feeback and pernonal Thoughts.
  47. Opening video still in another language.
  48. Font Size
  49. Too muck skin
  50. feedback/impresions so far
  51. Friends Requests
  52. Invite yet no access
  53. Key bindings
  54. Text and map issues
  55. Navigation
  56. My review
  57. First impressions
  58. Just WOW
  59. Aution House Comments
  60. Is There A Quick Way To Sell Loot Trash?
  61. I'm having this error!
  62. Make Human Form PVP PLZ
  63. Monster and NPC's Hit Boxes
  64. First Impression are always the funnest
  65. 6-7 hours of gameplay
  66. Allow us to bind our extra mouse buttons to the hot bar!
  67. Feedback & Suggestions
  68. about the Beta
  69. New classes for devilian!
  70. Looking for a guild
  71. Good, Bad, Ugly of Beta
  72. Enjoying Beta, here is my feedback
  73. Shift + keys
  74. Please allow binding Swift Strike to LMB w/click to move
  75. Zoom out
  76. Magma Piercer Mastery is a Nerf
  77. Is there an NDA still in effect?
  78. Give stamina pots
  79. Gear and the build limitations it introduces
  80. My Feedback
  81. FeedBack: Remove Megaphones
  82. Speedblade Abilities Design Questions
  83. Beta Question(s)
  84. Feedback/Suggestions:
  85. !
  86. The shadowhunter devilian skills needs tweeking
  87. Please delete the Autorun system!
  88. Evoker Burst Skills
  89. My musings, feedback, and suggestions
  90. 1-50 Feedback from Devilian first-timer
  91. Awesome start
  92. fatigue system
  93. My Feedback so far!
  94. Experienced D3 player gives feedback!
  95. Character Customization In-Game
  96. Are there healing classes?
  97. Evoker Vs Cannoneer: Who survives better(to deal DPS) in a "difficult" dungeon?
  98. Great Start A few comments
  99. Guild [PROPHECY] Recruiting
  100. PvP Arena = 18 Evokers/Cannoneers and 2 Invisible ShadowHunters is the Norm?
  101. Thoughts About the Weekend Beta
  102. Is it possible to remove the 1800s cooldown of "Return"?
  103. Suggestion about 20v20 PVP arena
  104. GEAR and items.
  105. pre made party for pvp
  106. The glaring issues with PvP class balancing.
  107. Inventory slots for in game gold
  108. Crafting
  109. Quests and Leveling
  110. lvl 0-51 - CBT1 - Evoker
  111. Omg! My idea for healers sounds so much fun, i just geek jizzed! Lol.....
  112. Berserker: Extremely Difficult, Tedious and Unrewarding to play?
  113. Bpsmooth's Beta Feedback
  114. Too many mobs
  115. PvP observations/suggestions
  116. /Announce Box
  117. First impression! If Diablo 3 and Wildstar had a baby, it'd be Devilian
  118. My thoughts on the game
  119. [SGST] Wall Transparency
  120. Feeback + First Impressions [Warning: Walls of Text] #NoFormatting
  121. Evoker & Shadowhunter
  122. Credit purchases during Alpha/Beta??
  123. Setting up tool bar for Devilian form
  124. how badly was devilian form nerfed??
  125. CBT1 Feedback
  126. My Beta weekend experiance.
  127. How to entice more arpg players to play your game.
  128. General Ideas about current game
  129. More Dungeon Stamina Pots ='(
  130. PvP balance
  131. CBT 2 is just around the corner! (Timer for CBT 2 launch)
  132. More keybinding options
  133. Impression up to level 23
  134. Signed up but no client yet
  135. CB#2 What kind of Beta test is this? stresstest maybe?
  136. Does the game need an update?
  137. Guild Recruitment
  138. Devilian Beta Signup - Beta #2
  139. I signed up for Beta awhile ago, but...
  140. So i got a E-mail.
  141. i dont have the game
  142. Got the Beta email but can't download
  143. Accidentally deleted Devilian from Glyph
  144. Suggestions on 2 major interfaces. and other random stuff
  145. friends say they got the download now
  146. Two questions about the game..
  147. The patch is live!
  148. Lets go kill stuff!
  149. i know its beta.
  150. How long does it take to get an email?
  151. applied beta code to glyph but no download link?
  152. Will the halloween hat be wiped aswell on release?
  153. Downloaded game but comes up offline
  154. Enemy Respawn times
  155. Stamina from CBT1 carried over to CBT2
  156. Sooo Stamina is still here?
  157. Alpha items on beta??
  158. Ability Modifier Compilation
  159. Game Play (First time in)
  160. Issues, Bugs, and irritations so far...
  161. REQUEST: Diablo 3 style 'shift key' to stop movement & help new players aim.
  162. Pets Timed Out During Server Downtime
  163. Testing beta for a min now and....
  164. Feedback on CBT2
  165. Suggestions on avatar customization, the camera, & the chat window.
  166. Needs more options.
  167. What is clientstarter and why does it need to make changes to my computer?
  168. Salty Feedback.
  169. First Impressions/Feedback CBT2
  170. Difficulty Suggestion
  171. Hell dungeons.
  172. Stat Benefits from Founder/Vanguard/Harbinger Titles?
  173. Ruined Citadel Heroic Not Found?
  174. Will there be a wipe?
  175. [REQUEST] Remove or change quest "Lv 20 Buddy System"
  176. Resistance Potions how to craft.
  177. Hitting the same nail again: devilian form locked on PvP
  178. Lets talk UI and Keybindings (Feedback)
  179. Character voice overs sound terrible
  180. Guild Permissions Problems
  181. The Berserker Builds!
  182. Want to play after Beta Weekend? Create a guide on DevilianDB for a chance to win 1 of 10 Alpha Access codes.
  183. Talisman Sets need review
  184. Ranged attacks on monsters located within the ChatWindowArea
  185. How to change skill path or skills?
  186. Level 44 dungeon Infested Mines, no exp received from enemy kills.
  187. Inventory Slots
  188. Devilian - Twitch/Youtube
  189. Can't leave own guild because I have to pass leadership on?
  190. Need Solo-Mode Dungeon (Content Progression Gated behind Story Quests)
  191. new update?
  192. Excellent But.
  193. Party in different Channel after exiting dungeons.
  194. envoker builds.
  195. Thread to discuss Evoker builds.
  196. Closed-BETA and Alpha Servers will be "Wiped" before start of Open-BETA?
  197. Something wierd is happening and i cant go in the game
  198. Feedback CBT2
  199. Soloing Hell dungeons as a Berserker...
  200. case sensitive names
  201. Positioning and Attack reach issues
  202. camera angles
  203. Yelling Repeatedly While Attacking
  204. [Feedback] Windowed Fullscreen Video Settings
  205. Few questions about game from newbie
  206. Skills Damage Client Based ?
  207. Hell Dugeons and other questions
  208. Coin Pouch
  209. Feedback
  210. Achivements
  211. How to get Butchery coins and 4 prop items?
  212. Audio Feedback
  213. BG, Dungeons Stats (dmg caused, dmg taken, etc)
  214. Core Accnts
  215. Indepth Berserker Skilltree and Skill Feedback.
  216. New beta testers?
  217. it a sad to see this beta end
  218. Couple quick things
  219. details
  220. No major issues
  221. Let's Talk Talisman Sets
  222. PVP Needs work!
  223. My Feedback. Problems, and ideas / ideas for changes
  224. Loved Beta 2 :)
  225. CBT2 Feedback
  226. Feedback CBT1/2 - Thank you.
  227. Please change Severing Storm
  228. Suggestions/Customization
  229. Problem with questing and stuff
  230. My experience with the game
  231. My 2 cents
  232. To>> Developer
  233. My Personal Feedback
  234. Feed back
  235. There shall be balance !
  236. Thoughts on a strong foundation of a game
  237. Best/Worst Character Class with Armor/Costumes?
  238. Shadowhunter feedback
  239. Should Actual Game Release be Delayed for more Testing, Balance and UI Improvements?
  240. Focused Feedback Thread: Game Controls
  241. Account Items
  242. Quick feedback off the top of my head
  243. My opinion of the current game
  244. How hard is it to add additional races / classes.
  245. Lack of Controls to Prevent Trolls/Scams in Party/Arena/Guild mechanics?
  246. Noyz7 Feedback on devilian form
  247. Couple of suggestions about artifacts and gems.
  248. Feedback masterrace thread!
  249. Is it me or Devillian Reddit is at best "Inactive"?
  250. Feedback after CBT 1 and CBT 2 by Riddi