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  1. How to Post a Game Bug Report
  2. CBT1: KNOWN ISSUES (updated regularly)
  3. Crashing at loading screens
  4. Weird Graphical Bug.
  5. mouse is over sized and spotted
  6. Graphic Bugs for static items random areas.
  7. Endless loading
  8. Unknown Error Occured
  9. Can't make a character
  10. Chat window taking focus randomly
  11. Spelling Error.
  12. The game crashed!!
  13. Connection problem
  14. Can't start up game?
  15. Everything is single shade of blue except My character and NPC's which are in black and white
  16. Randomize All Option Needed
  17. Error starting the game
  18. Meeting the weapon merchant in Windbrook Village
  19. Help Page from the game is broken
  20. Strange Beep!
  21. /w -- Whispering to two-word names
  22. Game crash at startup
  23. Game crashing
  24. [Bug] Starter Area ( Screenshot)
  25. cant finish the quest camming the cell
  26. mouse bug
  27. Crafting Count Bug
  28. Exit to Character Select
  29. Jittery mobs
  30. Crash in Not So Lonely Ruins quest
  31. No Quest Bug around the LV 12 Area
  32. OBSIDIAN not in beta aktive?
  33. Rune Can't Applied To Hero Weapon
  34. Unable to to complete quest: "Devilian Combat Style"
  35. The game is minimzing on two screens
  36. i cann't end quest "Devil vs Devilian" at first time
  37. can't remove quest item from inventory after end quest
  38. Background mode only works with ALT+Tab
  39. Crafting Devil's Honey and Glass Flask
  40. Small Problems (Treasure Map + NPC)
  41. Devilian.exe stopped working crash
  42. Necro Labs didn't spawn enough mobs
  43. Tooltips Needed In Options
  44. Installllation popup doesn't say that it's your company or product.
  45. 3D Gaming small Issues [3D Vision]
  46. Character gets stuck moving forward.
  47. Devilian Training Grounds
  48. Keep getting dced in Shuddering Gorge
  49. Bomb Blade Grapical Error
  50. Broke the daily quests
  51. PvP double queue
  52. Asperon Training Scarecrow Revenge!
  53. Pelstea Equipment Exchanger, No Shop
  54. Bug: Cannoneer Piercing Whirlwind misses when on a Bridge
  55. Autorun to quest NPC's
  56. Talisman sets are sometimes not working
  57. New Items Not Stacking
  58. Secret Door Key
  59. Mana Glitch
  60. Essences for resistance potions
  61. Battleground End-match Screen
  62. Failed To Reset Verification Module
  63. Game Rubber-Banding
  64. Unknown Error Occurred
  65. Shaman Staffs Fly Way High Into Air in Beach Area
  66. Is it possible to have variety of "operating messages" ?
  67. Performance Hit When Opening Map
  68. Passive skill "Hearth's Warmth" doesn't work
  69. getting dced at blasphemous labyrint boss last phase
  70. few bugs
  71. Keybind bug
  72. Bug Compilation
  73. Graphic Error - Berserker Dodge
  74. Ran an instance
  75. Bugged Berserker Skills
  76. Shadow Hunter Bugs.
  77. 40-45 lvl dungeons bugs
  78. Trying to update game Bug
  79. Attack Speed Bug
  80. Beta not showing on glyph client.
  81. Did not get tower reward
  82. Shift+Right Click not working
  83. Blue Screen In Char Creation
  84. World Map settings
  85. Bug/Suggestion: Please allow us to hide "Learn" quests the way we can hide regular quests
  86. Unknown Error at startup
  87. DC problem with dungeons
  88. [Invalid TextLocale]
  89. Right Click Skills disappeared
  90. Guild Management Bug
  91. Evoker character creation
  92. Stuck at server select screen
  93. Game crashes when trying to enter town after first dungeon
  94. Unable to remove skills from actionbar
  95. pls help me fix this
  96. Talisman sets are failing time after time
  97. Gunpowder Ogres in Barren Fields
  98. Friend list kills the framerate
  99. Quest Text Bug - [Normal] Lvl15 Rest in Pieces
  100. Nampa companion bug
  101. missing crafting sub category.
  102. Item stacking problem when warehouse/bag is full
  103. Insane lag and crashes
  104. Wintergale Tundra - Frozen Lake graphic bug
  105. npc talk bug and game corruption bug.
  106. Game doesn't recognize fullscreen
  107. Inner Sanctum Crash
  108. Able to start Devilian Training Quest without achieving Devilian Form
  109. Duplicate login detected!
  110. Warehouse item dissaperings
  111. Guild Permissions bugging out.
  112. Can't enter game after todays patch. repair = redownload?! WTF
  113. Berserker: Bladed Whirlwind Bugsplat
  114. My map does not appear help
  115. wheLv46 branding rune weapon just disappeared
  116. Friend request rejected notification
  117. Dimensional Rifts + Treasure Maps
  118. Magical Altar in Storm Carved Path unusable
  119. I cant go to dungeoun plz help
  120. Halloween Candy Is Expired
  121. So this happened...
  122. Attacking through land and walls what not
  123. Berserker Storm set
  124. splash appearing on wrong monitor
  125. Storage Bug (Shared into Character storage)
  126. Hunting Flame hits not registering on life bar.
  127. Cannoneer Skill Page Bug
  128. Pet name "Confirm Availability" button is too small for the text
  129. I am unable to choose Login rewards from second row
  130. The lock for the skill commands
  131. Missing ground textures
  132. Invoke trouble Flame field
  133. Computer memory crash
  134. Player Character Gets Perma Stuck after Activating or Exiting Devilian Form
  135. Right click malfunction near any dungeon entry point
  136. Quest list on right side
  137. "Select a package" page missing
  138. Bug in towers
  139. Game Locked Up (i.e. Froze) after DC
  140. A few bugs that I found
  141. Couply Bugs I Found In My Short But sweet time in Devilian
  142. Report about game
  143. Second Device in Storm Carved Path not active
  144. Graphical bug around large plants/trees in Misteye
  145. Stuck in corner behind boxes in Silent Convent
  146. Character Sheet Display Error
  147. Wrong voice for Chaezel
  148. Crash and Close Game
  149. No quest from Bolton after gaining Devilian form
  150. All the textures are blue
  151. Choose Class Screen - No button to move beyond it
  152. credits and items bugged
  153. Can't start the game
  154. Can not close the Heal soul pannel
  155. Movement
  156. Issue after disabling and re-enabling VSYNC
  157. Dunno if I broke it, but...
  158. <Mission> icon missing from map
  159. Items vanishing from warehouse in front my eyes
  160. [QUEST] Growing as a Devilian
  161. Missing Mouse Cursor at Startup
  162. A specific Blue Gear in Wintergale Tundra does not count toward set bonus
  163. [Bug] Chat Bug
  164. Apparently I can't complete the main story quest now.
  165. Crafting bug
  166. autorun's problem
  167. Guild Permission Bug
  168. Too small of font and other issues.
  169. Berserker's dark energy cd reduction doesn't work.
  170. German Language Channel Switch Bug / Kanal wechseln mit dem Deutschen Client
  171. Crafting Gems bugged
  172. Introduction quest are bugged?
  173. Error
  174. Berserker: Bladed Whirlwind Bugsplat nr 2
  175. Devil Heart Bugs
  176. Einswoth Guards in Einsworth Manor on Lake Mineval are stuck
  177. Move to click indicator
  178. Hotkeys Wont Bind
  179. fps loss with inventory tooltip
  180. Lvl Achievement Box bug?
  181. unstable fps 57-59 sometimes 60.
  182. Main Quest Bug ? Milia Devilian
  183. Strange flickering white objects near Loshburn
  184. Incompatible with toggled VOIP programs
  185. No XP for killing monsters in dungeon (Necromantic Laboratory)
  186. Attacked Without Warning
  187. Vile Vault Graphical Texture Bug
  188. Crafts quest level 18
  189. Ingame Channel switch ????
  190. On Screen Quest List
  191. misteye mountains
  192. Grouping Channel oversight?
  193. Chat Window Tabs
  194. Guild Glitch/Bug
  195. Daily quest not functioning
  196. Lvl 28 quest and mission completion
  197. The First Dungeon (Where you save Bolton)
  198. Eternal Loading Screen
  199. bug with crafting
  200. Infested Manor Map Bug
  201. Warehouse Full Bug
  202. Quest- 31 A Devil's Totem - missing NPC
  203. Segarro Coast Autorun broken
  204. Loading screen....
  205. When entering devilian mode, character freezes.
  206. Invetory
  207. Hitboxes of Quest items/objects/Npcs
  208. warehouse token wont work
  209. Error 404 On Help Page
  210. Auto Run Issue
  211. Splash Screen On Desktop
  212. Speed Kill Achievement For The Dungeon Boss
  213. Verified Account On Glyph Launcher
  214. Evoker Skill Pathing
  215. Infested Manor Stage Bug
  216. Segarro Coast
  217. Identify Tutorial Movie shows icon in wrong order
  218. Dead NPC Corpse says something...when it shouldn't at all
  219. the goodies from early access founder pack and the alpha code goodies
  220. Channel Switching EU
  221. Quest LV 26 Nelles Trautagebuch:Donnerstag
  222. Channel Switching EU
  223. Salamander's Trail Skill Points
  224. Abilities greyed out
  225. Character is stuck in Pale Moon Sanctuary After Exiting Inner Sanctum
  226. GlyphClient.cfg entry "UseSteam=1" breaks game
  227. Login bug
  228. Help! no connect Error2028
  229. Infinite Enemy Autoheal
  230. Random back to character select screen disconnects
  231. Segarro Coast (43-47) Graphics Bugs/Pathing Question
  232. Warehouse ate my zone coins.
  233. Unkillable mob !
  234. Skill icon bug!
  235. Encountered Lvl 10 mob on intro path with Elara
  236. I can't see my attacks
  237. Silvercloud Village Waypoint Overlay Mismap
  238. If you remove the hud bug
  239. Infested manor broken keys
  240. NPC healer mesadia (mesadia's medical supplies) bug
  241. Scarecrows OP?!
  242. Graphics Bugs
  243. Recent patch bug
  244. [BUG] Pathing - Repeatly Clicking
  245. HUD bug in PVP devilian mod
  246. Bridge Combat & Swollen Macman
  247. Graphical Bug
  248. mob don't react?
  249. Warehouse
  250. BUGS closed BETA