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  1. How to Post a Text Bug Report
  2. Helen NPC Dying Text
  3. Exit to character select
  4. Duplicate Checkbox on options page
  5. 1 Count
  6. No Text
  7. "Guild War Marchant"
  8. Opening Cinema In Foreign Language
  9. Misspelled Text in Random Quest
  10. Crafing a talisman bos
  11. Text Getting Cut Off
  12. Extra characters in Precious Heirlooms Quest (level 14-16)
  13. Rune Misspelled on Devilian Skill Help Page
  14. Underground Path Dungeon
  15. Item Description: Can't be Sold
  16. Party Recommendation Text Size
  17. Quest Goals: Number of items needed appended to objective
  18. Spelling Error: Aira (A Devilish Plot)
  19. Skill Text Error
  20. A Threat to Loshburn - Behemoth, The Devil Behind The Rift quest
  21. A Threat to Loshburn - In the Grip of Darkness
  22. A Threat to Loshburn - The Restless Dead
  23. Party Matching Menu
  24. Graphics melding through each other
  25. Character name requirements too short
  26. Whoever voices the guard in the scene before Elara is taken.... ugh
  27. You've got to make the chat thing movable!
  28. I have 0 credits, but I put in my Devilian code from the Trion party in Seattle a long time ago
  29. Missing word in Painkiller quest
  30. Crafting Success Box
  31. Auction House Mail - Wrong Amount in Body of Message
  32. Opening Talisman Boxes
  33. Why would you lock the character slots in a beta?
  34. Text Overlaps On Challenges
  35. NPC Names do not match
  36. Asperon or Aesperon
  37. Quest Name Grammar
  38. Crafting and instance names
  39. You did English pretty well overall
  40. My personal list of text errors for beta 2
  41. Questgiver text bug at Shaina Van hout escort Maid
  42. Quest level 29 - Stealing from the Judge
  43. Rhythmic Pace passive node
  44. Error when starting game "Updated Version does not Match Expected Result (Error #1007)
  45. Krandlash Den Item Set misspelled
  46. Mob with wrong name
  47. Fast Travel Text Backwards
  48. Devastating Impact Passive Node (Canoneer)
  49. Decline/Donate
  50. Pureblood Necklace (Earrings)
  51. Guild Creation Error Message for invalid name
  52. error #2028
  53. Spielt ist trotz EU Download auf Englisch
  54. This is not german
  55. The Reflection of Darkness - The Hired Help quest - Frozen Lake area - text bug
  56. Number of items on the broker when you are selling is shown after the item instead of beforehand
  57. Invalid Text Locale (German)
  58. Gems Text Bug
  59. No Drop at Boss
  60. Vice Guild Leader Fails to Invite
  61. Error 404 On Help Page
  62. [Mission] The Reflection of Darkness
  63. TextLocale Error
  64. German Beta - Wrong spelled stat-details
  65. Character screen - Fire Resistance description is different from the rest.
  66. A few things to take a look
  67. System Message: "Only skills that require targets AN be assigned to left-click..."
  68. texture bug. all textures blue
  69. text bug plz help my :)
  70. Devilian Enchanting Stones
  71. grammar - Making Friends tutorial tooltip