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  2. Devilian Minimum and Recommended System Requirements
  3. Trouble getting into the game'offline'
  4. verification module
  5. Screen to big
  6. Out of range
  7. Can't start game !
  8. My game is totally BLUE =(
  9. kernel32.dll error
  10. Server Initialization Incomplete
  11. This game is like playing a facebook or arcade game
  12. Resetting Resolution from outside the game
  13. system error
  14. [Help] How to Download this game?
  15. Crédit not reinialized
  16. Verification Module
  17. How to optimise graphics settings?
  18. Applied founders code, no game in library
  19. FPS Capped, Cursor not locked to main screen.
  20. error on starting game (kernel32.dll)
  21. constantly losing movement to chat focus
  22. UnFinishing Loading Screen
  23. package obsidian
  24. How do I play ???
  25. Glyph speed limit
  26. Error Code 1003 when Updating Devilian
  27. Checking Local Files
  28. Applied founders pack for Devilian, game isn't in my library
  29. Unknown error occured
  30. unlocking FPS
  31. EU Servers
  32. Starting Devilian from the Glyph client
  33. AVG detecting ClientMonitor.exe as a virus.
  34. Direct X Check Failed??
  35. Continuously taking screenshots.
  36. Invalidtextlocal
  37. Random Crashes leading to Ginno Error Reporter
  38. Key Mapping to Mouse
  39. Connection problems during gameplay
  40. Sever initialization incomplete
  41. I createad a new character later crash and msg Ginno?!
  42. Pinnacle Game Profiler not recognized
  43. Help download
  44. Error when trying to update.
  45. Download not showing on glyph
  46. My whole client disappeared
  47. DL Closed Beta #2 Not showing up on Glyph
  48. Devilian not in library?
  49. Beta Errors
  50. I can update Devilina while i got the mail that i am in the beta weekend 29-2 nov.
  51. Unable to donwload
  52. access to beta devilian
  53. No Devilian in my Lybary
  54. Eu - Beta update
  55. Devilian showing as Offline
  56. can not update
  57. SMALL DELAY IN STARTING BETA 2 - (For anyone about to complain about servers)
  58. Devilian not appearing on Glyph
  59. says offline
  60. Black screen on start up
  61. sever initialization incomplete !!
  62. Beta US - how to switch to EU
  63. Crash to desktop
  64. Direct X isn't installed error
  65. MSVC Redist check is failed. Game won't recognize it.
  66. Dumb question about the beta
  67. Strange LAG with multiple people on same network
  68. Server says Up but...
  69. I lost the authorization for the beta?
  70. Devilian Beta crashes my machine
  71. Unable to authenticate. No mails recieved.
  72. Bug: Expired Corgi Inventory Pet doesn't send stored items to Mailbox
  73. You can not find the entry point in the procedure GetSystemFirmwareTable dynamic link library KERNE32.dll
  74. Failed to reset verification module error
  75. Cant log in Char
  76. "There was a problem moving existing files [...] (Error #1008)"
  77. Impossilbe to logged in
  78. Help needed
  79. Update button not working
  80. Error 1008
  81. Had an error during game download, now I have to redownload the whole game again?
  82. NAV detecting 'suspicious network activity'
  83. Devilian not appearing in library
  84. my download is done but glyph restart it
  85. Crash on using dungeon portal (OUT)
  86. Founder
  87. Went to windowed mode, now I'm stuck
  88. Obsidian founder pack
  89. Changing server
  90. The code for the beta that just ended...
  91. Beta download
  92. Why can't I play?
  93. Two questions
  94. Launcher error: "Fail to reset modification module"
  95. Devillian Windows XP
  96. Error: Servers Closed For Maintenance
  97. Error updating game error#1012
  98. Can't Download
  99. cannot see my character and or the background
  100. Targeting
  101. black screen.
  102. no pause ????
  103. Norton 360 Premier blocks Devilion
  104. failed to reset verification module
  105. US Server Status at the moment?
  106. Unable to start the game
  107. Probleme de connexion
  108. Cant play... game says offline
  109. Free Account? I bought a credit pack!
  110. I can't Play :(
  111. Can't lPlay
  112. Devilian Closed Beta Keys Giveaway?
  113. Obsidian pack
  114. Problems on the Connection Screens
  115. Keybinds
  116. Can't launch the game
  117. Can't see Devilian in Library window
  118. Devilian Beta 4 bugs
  119. "Download files are corrupt (Error: #1004)"
  120. Can't select character
  121. Open Beta Character Slots
  122. Blue background screen!
  123. Can't create a character
  124. Open Beta keeps crashing
  125. Can't launch the game. [0xc000007b]
  126. **Failed to reset verification module**
  127. Devil and XP SP 3
  128. Cannot play the game due to DirextX problem
  129. Low FPS
  130. Slow motion and audio stutter, stable framerate.
  131. Client crashes when selecting a level 1 character and clicking connect
  132. Blackscreen and server down
  133. Mac support?
  134. Game not smooth + freezes on ui access
  135. Nur noch Probleme
  136. Input Not Supported...
  137. Beta Server Closed For Maintenance
  138. still randomly crashing
  139. Can't play game
  140. Dumb question - How to cleanly uninstall the beta?
  141. Downloaded game, comoleted, downloading agiain
  142. Can not load game from Glyph - Windows 10 64 bit