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  1. PvP 1vs1
  2. Capture the flag PvP battleground
  3. General Dungeon Difficulties
  4. Add button block spam mail!
  5. alternative payment options for credits?
  6. Buying Supply Crate
  7. New Players Feedback
  8. Let us see what language is installed again
  9. List of changes, if this game wants to have any chance at surviving
  10. Quality of life suggestions
  11. switch off / reduce other players skill effects
  12. Please fix matchmaking
  13. Making more items indestructible
  14. Where is the 2v2 Bracket?
  15. 50 typefaces is not enough on Guild status
  16. Vorschläge
  17. New content pls
  18. Union or Ally Chat feature for guilds
  19. Patron Rewards
  20. Resctict .. WHAT ? who dares Arguing !
  21. Increase Party Cap
  22. Starter Packs REWORK
  23. Melee Devilianmode skills do not work properly! Please fix
  24. Agony Device without smart loot system: searching compromise
  25. All chat lvl restriction
  26. SPAM in game mail
  27. Account Restriction do more harm than good for game
  28. Smart loot; a new approach
  29. Dungeon Wheel Loots
  30. Additional Mouse Buttons!
  31. 1-2 PvP channel Suggestion
  32. My two cents
  33. So will Deviliam Team take no action against Devilian Economy or Guild Monopoly?
  34. About devilian gear and kavels
  35. Wish i Could play this game.
  36. Nanus
  37. Idea and a half
  38. Come on ,fix cannons
  39. URGENT: Guild Wars: 20vs20 bracket doesn't work
  40. About 3v3
  41. Please change Guild War time in EU or have two time brackets!
  42. Question About Aria's Blessing
  43. Co-op bosses are excessively rare now.
  44. [Suggestion] Guild War & 20v20 PvP Changes
  45. [Suggestion] Pvp Ranking
  46. [Suggestion] Patron box - Server Warehouse Access
  47. 6v6....broken pls fix
  48. 3v3 arena
  49. Gold spam via email... and their scanning of people in Asperon
  50. New item, functionality, item shop, consumable
  51. Aels tear swap
  52. Gui button swap suggestion
  53. Gui button swap suggestion!!
  54. URGENT FIX FOR Guild War disconnects!!!
  55. PvP - queue
  56. Pls lower the Sound of the Banshe mobs
  57. Game Ideas!
  58. Party/Raids experience rates.
  59. Guild Bonfire
  60. Titles that came with the new patch.
  61. Daily auction
  62. Shadow Hunter Shuriken Style Suggestions
  63. Depraved Temple daily challenge
  64. Guild Tourney Compensation.
  65. IHG Guild PvP is not rewarding
  66. Pvp Set branding Runes end game lvl 54
  67. Talisman crafting
  68. Suggestions for the Future
  69. Achievements
  70. PvP suggestion
  71. Premades - just what killed CQ is going to Kill 3v3
  72. Devilian skill Runes
  73. Change the way you enchant devilian items to how you enchant artefacts
  74. Raven Tourny D/C
  75. Sell Junk Button?
  76. Are these the only read forums?
  77. Why doesn't Trion tell people via ingame mail?
  78. Sell Dex on website plz
  79. Co-ops
  80. Suggestion to Improve PvP Queues
  81. Feb 18th vs 17th
  82. Friend list suggestion: add "last online" column
  83. 21D Perfect Attendance — change reward please
  84. Toggle Hide Chat & disable quest tracker
  85. Game News Board in asperon
  86. No currency exchange
  87. Need to start back at the beginning, guys.
  88. Buff Scroll like other games.
  89. Report Feature
  90. Few Suggestions
  91. Allow splash screen change and mute/hide announcements
  92. Alliance Chat
  93. HUD/Gameplay Improvement
  94. List of bugs which you reported to "Bluehole Ginno"
  95. 100 friends is not enough
  96. [BG/GW] Suggestion
  97. Automaticall talismans change turning into Devillian
  98. Weapon skins
  99. PvP queue wait time is ridiculous
  100. reaching daily 95 is not possible now(with the remove of depraved temple)
  101. avatar
  102. Shadowhunter; wild blades
  103. Devil Soul Orbs
  104. Lack of Market items but plenty of clones
  105. Much needed UI customization needed.....
  106. Let treasure maps stack or ...
  107. Let us test the new class for limited time
  108. Dungeon Crawl Daily Rewards & post-52 progression - why the discrepancies?
  109. Did this get ignored by Trion? (friendslist lag)
  110. A Few Suggestions to make the game better
  111. Totally disgusted with support NO longer paying to play
  112. Why the Infinite Hunting Ground...
  113. New content crystals+elements
  114. Feedback for Devilian
  115. A Few More Suggestions to make the game better
  116. Remove the 24 hour stand down when leaving guilds
  117. Crafting and resource gathering
  118. Stun/Knockback Mechanic should change completely
  119. Upgrade/downgrade lower or higher items
  120. Return rune drop to 50/53 hell dungeons
  121. The Current State of Guild Tournaments and GvG
  122. Suggestion for Nightly Guild Wars
  123. Daily PvP "Challenge"
  124. Stamina
  125. PLS fix Guild bug, we got our 2nd bug now ...
  126. World Maps idea.
  127. Various issues and suggestons
  128. Please fix the Loot on Archdevil Lv54 Endboss
  129. Daily Log In Rewards & Friendship Affinity.
  130. Concerning Friendship Affinity...
  131. Co-op damage infliction punish if you stop!
  132. Guild Skills on BUFF bar
  133. Treasure Maps thoughts
  134. Guild Introduction and Guild Notice
  135. 5- Stars talisman Set Effect
  136. Add a solo queue mode for 3vs3 arena
  137. Soundcard selection
  138. Concerning the Refer-A-Friend Program
  139. Time and date stamps on chat.
  140. new quests and area
  141. Treasure Maps Upgrade
  142. AFK Farming
  143. Higher Tier PVE Gear Suggestion
  144. Some SH Skill Suggestions and a Skill Tree suggestion
  145. Abyssal Tower Accessories
  146. All resistance stat on weapon
  147. System chat filled with exp gained
  148. Add materials exchange NPC
  149. Feedback - a LOT of it
  150. marketplace items and daily log in rewards
  151. Skill Pages and Proficiency
  152. Suggestion: Hotkey to change Talisman set
  153. Suggestion: Add time penalty for not accepting PvP queues.
  154. Enigma Boxes reward
  155. Keybinds interrupt game play.
  156. Account Bound Pets
  157. Account Bound Mounts
  158. Account Bound Vanity Items
  159. New Game Content releace
  160. Blue Enigma Box Gem Bonus Weekend!
  161. gOgO Summer Event Fashion and Something New!!
  162. [Feedback] Conseil : Finissez votre jeu avant de le sortir...
  163. My Feed Back About this game
  164. Move american stormfront war days to friday saturday nights pst
  165. Nanus Loot Changes
  166. Suggestion For games !!!! TRION please !!!!
  167. Log in rewards.
  168. Suggestion !!!!!! FOR NEW PATCH soon !!!
  169. Allow us to be able to SELL Magic Dust
  170. Inventory Slots
  171. Loading Screens
  172. Can have Ally Chat in Stromfront War ?
  173. Lower level Raid Dungeon
  174. Warp Strike Sound Improvement
  175. Environment & Combat Sound Adjustments
  176. Great game, but needs to be made for linux
  177. Few Content needs to be updated
  178. Better suggestions for the next quest. Daily quests for everyone.
  179. Allow whispers for everyone.
  180. Please make the Equip buyable after 50 runs!
  181. Allow friend invites to be sent when the friend is offline.
  182. Class balance
  183. Move Guild Wars to the middle of weekend.
  184. Gold Lotus drop
  185. Resistance account wide
  186. Suggestions Thread
  187. Please change Bloodstained Cannon weapon skill randomizer/chance drop.
  188. In game DPS meter.
  189. All I want for christmas - drop my chest already (EVO) @ last boss AD58
  190. PvP Mode
  191. Devilian Cash Shop Feedback
  192. Feedback as a new player.
  193. Shift + right click
  194. 5 Player Mode
  195. Low Chance to Upgrade Devilian Gear