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Thread: artifact changes. is this a joke?

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    artifact changes. is this a joke?

    just wanted to ask who create the new system, and wanted to ask their thoughts in how they came up with the numbers in increase levels

    also wanted to hear what other people thought of the changes

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    Are you referring to the materials required to upgrade an artifact? because from what i can tell, it takes way less gems to upgrade, which is a huge QoL change, because being a new player, i had low level artifacts, and just recently hit level 54. they are still low level because of the sole reason of not wanting to go back to lower level dugeons just to farm for g2 gems to further upgrade my artifacts. I remember before the update, it cost 20 g2 reds to upgrade my artifact weapon, after logging in today, it cost me like, 4, and i was able to get to the g3 upgrade part.

    It may be ridiculous for you if yours were already high before the patch, because there must be a ceiling to power gain. its the same as paragons in diablo 3, its easy to get started getting some stat boosts, but once you reach high "paragons", getting more stats comes at a much higher time investment, which comes with the ARPG genre.

    Edit -
    the only reason that last upgrade cost only 4, is because it was already partially upgraded, from prepatch, so it didnt take the normal items to level it. I upgraded another from the begining of the EXP bar, and it takes about the same amount of gems. however i do still like the fact that you can chose which item to consume when upgrading. Also, it seems you get more progress when using the higher grade material

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    i see, give me more time to test sorry!

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    I love the new artifact system so far. Before the change, I was failing +4 to +5 upgrades 80% of the time, at a cost of 25 G3 gems and 15 Alon's tears per attempt. This meant that not only did I need to waste all my dungeon stamina on running level 50 purgatorys instead of more challenging (for my level) content, but I had to make an alt just to run dungeons to gather Wild Azaleas to sell in the Auction House for gold. It also meant NOT doing my best in the Abyssal Tower, because I had to aim for 11th place every week to get gold instead of archgemstones. I might still fail an upgrade attempt of an artifact upgrade once in a while now, I'm not sure, but a failure of a 20-25% upgrade is much easier to accept that an outright full level advancement failure. incrementalism in the artifact system gives shorter term goals, and that's much more encouraging.

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    are wild azaleas so good money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommmmmm View Post
    are wild azaleas so good money?

    Drop rates are a bit low, when you consider how much you need at higher levels

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    Can someone please explain how to take a maxed out artifact and start using the Gem +5. If someone has responded to this question, I would appreciate a link to the answer. I have maxed out my violet gems and Artifact is maxed. What do I do to proceed, I have the mats for the first enchant, but the item does not appear accessible, only the gear that still needs updating.

    Many thanks for all who can advise on above.

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