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Thread: Elara - International Guild "Infamous"

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    Elara - International Guild "Infamous"

    Hello fellow Devilians,
    Since we missed to do that so far i wanna make advertisement for our Guild "Infamous" on the Elara server aswell now.
    We are a lvl 12 Guild so far and take everbody in our Guild now since some of the old players stopped playin the game. Still we have a lot of strong players that can help you when you need the help. Our priorities are the use of teamspeak and activity + joining the daily guildwar.
    We would be happy to get new and kind players!
    Write Saphy, Bierbaron or JustAMage if you want to join or you can just apply at the Guildboard (ctrl + b).
    Here are some pictures of our guild

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    I wish you good luck and a fair competition =)
    Don't cry! Say fuck you and smile!

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    Thanks a lot!

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    Bumping for my Mates. Had a lot of fun back when i played the Game in Infamous. Who knows...If Trion provides some good new Content i might pick up the Game again.

    P.S. They got Chicks and Cookies! Hurry and grab your Guildspot.

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    Update - Infamous reached lvl 13

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    I have to put this out there. Way to represent this guild in a positive and great manner the way you helped a new player like DevikS the other day. That was just awesome.

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