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Thread: Blue Screen

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    Post Blue Screen

    Hello guys
    i am having the blue screen bug i don't think it is from the graphique card because the gameis running fast and it appears some thimes for moment fine then the blue screen

    any solution

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    We don't really have much info with this.

    Try to do a full clean install of your GPU drivers (remove them first, DDU is great to use in safe mode for that) and then Install the latest ones, and try to do a repair of the game files.

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    You'd need to post your system specs to really diagnose this properly. When you need repair on a car you don't just go in and say 'it makes a weird sound'. You have to describe the sound and when it happens and how it happens and where you hear it from and then the technician physically examines your car to give you a diagnosis.

    So we need your specs; in car terms that's the make & model of your car. In computer terms it is your CPU, GPU, and version of Windows. Additional info is handy but not required.

    I'd actually say using any 'driver uninstaller' is not a good idea. CCleaner is the safest program to use for cleaning out clutter from the computer. Other programs either remove too much or too little.

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