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Thread: How is Devilian doing?

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    How does the pvp in this game work? Is there no open world pvp? Being able to hostile people was one of the best elements of Diablo II. I enjoyed later on private duels 1v1 or clan vs clan, but order only evolves out of chaos. Without the pvm->open pvp->closed pvp the system will have a hard time surviving. One is a progression to the next. There should still be safe zones for the carebears and snowflakes perhaps, but I just don't know how much fun I or the pvp community in general would have if we couldn't pk someone who was running their mouth, stealing drops, or generally being a nuisance. It is kind of fun to play the bad guy every now and then as well, or to team up with the underdogs and take out the bully. All is an integral part of the Diablo-esque experience. This is why Diablo 3 failed. Diablo II succeeded so vehemently ob the other hand due to this integrated system. Yes, there were obstacles in the way to prevent griefing pk'rs, but they weren't impossible to get through, just hurdles. I would love for this game to catch on, especially with a thriving, pvp supporting community. It looks great so far.
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    Oh, and Ferin, you mentioned you have no knowledge of future PvE updates; I thought you would be glad to hear that it was already mentioned that there will be another level cap increase to 60 along with more tiers of content. And it sounds like it may be deployed near Summertime.
    That lvl 60 raid and new archdevil was long due. Which was deployed on Thailand server ages ago.
    There is no further content developed by Blue Holes on PC instead they are working on their Mobile version of Devilian.

    Yeah i remember IHG PvP when i started playing last february. It was one of the best experience in my game so far. Getting my ass handed by higher level peeps giving me an initiative to gear up fast. Community was great at that time. You would come across all kinds of players.
    But now i only see either hardcore farmers or ppl crying for help all the time.

    @Koda This game is really great. It has lot of cool features which are deemed redundant by shitty rewards for doing them.
    You can PK in special areas called IHG. But you won't see a single soul there since "shitty rewards for doing them."
    I heard that quote in Tremors 5 ;p

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    I'd just like to take a moment and thank Mura for shedding Light on the Potential Future of Devilian.

    Always well put and thorough.



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    Nooo *cries in disappointment* ..the evolutionary system could've been 3-4 more months of fun Devilian. Now its just a week worth of farm then over

    @Murasams thnx for posting the difference

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