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Thread: PTS server question please?

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    PTS server question please?

    The new patch that was just released, I apologize I am new to the game still, and wanted to no if I need to install the PTS server for the new things in game mentioned in the patch notes. Also does the PTS server different from the other servers like the North American one I currently am on, Can some one help me out or explain to me about what I am asking please and thank you.

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    You don't need to install PTS server to play the game.
    You just need to install European or American server, whichever you prefer.

    Whenever new content comes. They deploy it on PTS server for testing. If everything is ok, they deploy it on official servers.

    Eager players install PTS server to play content before its officially released.

    As for now all new content is released on official servers.

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