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    please fix lag bug in europe region server

    i'm from europe, lithuania but lagging with http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6094513260 on eu like i played on chinese/singaporean located servers with insanely annoying spikes. p.s. i dont got such a huge lag spikes on us servers that lets me play bloody smooth.
    having in game about 50ping maximum on eu but feels as playin with like 600. idk why but on us i dont have this issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3Hq...ature=youtu.be -video example recorded on europe region server.
    i cant stand this. sometimes its even up tp 10-15second delay. was about playing the game with a friend but that of this nonsense i wouldn't be able to. she's form uk and prefers stickin to european servers. ;/
    would appreciate any kind of help trying sort this problem out(just please dont offer me change internet or anything/ for now on its the best i can access as ethernet while livin in personal house instead of flat.

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    Hello! Please complete these tests, and then submit a support ticket at support.trionworlds.com so that you can troubleshoot with our Technical Support team.


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    it's fine. i lag on eu while pinging ~50 and no spikes and freezes with over 140 ??

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    https://youtu.be/5v0AvN7TGws this upload my be done in 1hour 30minutes.
    wouldnt have recorded almost 30minute's gameplay but need valid proof that i lag like crazy. tried separate clients and issue remains.
    @Hesk i've tried using normal glyph also. the issue still remained there, tried multiple client variantions and tweakings. nothing worked.

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    i checked multiple variations for client, did server ip pings and eu is still unstable. one thing ive recognised that us server ip pings are stable but on european one cmd pings for me jumps if i choose any value over 100 to ping. is that that host cant respond properly? i dont got any packetloss btw. submited ticket-s also for the solution.

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    I'm having lag spikes tens of times per day. I've never had this in any other game, ever.

    Also, this game sometimes (rarely) crashes to desktop. And when that happens and I'm in dungeon solo ... start over.

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    if you do a trace route i bet you've being redirected to this us host ""

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    guys plz...
    how can i change the EU server from Elara to segaro...

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    Just go to NA server, EU is server full of cheaters.

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    same issue

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