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  Click here to go to the first Devilian Team post in this thread.   Thread: PTS is open with the Castle of the Fallen preview! (feedback goes here)

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    TEST SERVER is DOWN, any news when it will be back ONLINE? Thank you.

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    PTS is still down. It's been down for a long time now. I hope that you extend the time of the event on PTS....

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    The guinea pig providing power for the server just died. We are sorry.

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    Still down please fix the Server and extend the Event for reward =)

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the feedback so far.

    PTS is back up now, and we're extending the event through Wednesday at 9am Pacific.
    ~ Victoria "Firecait" Voss
    Program Manager, Trion

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    Quote Originally Posted by forsa View Post
    So what we need to o for the rewards just get lvl 60 , clear the dungeon or the new df ???
    You just need to try one of the new Level 60 dungeon or DF. You don't need to clear them.
    ~ Victoria "Firecait" Voss
    Program Manager, Trion

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    Castle of the Fallen preview Event

    Found this event more than a little frustrating due to the following:
    • No option to have a character copied from the NA server to PTS meant welcome to leveling hell. It sounded simple create a new character, level it to 10 get a bunch of stuff in the mail and presto your character is level 60. Well it was not that simple.
    • Hit level 10 and click your way through 1000+ experience books..really????
    • There were insufficient talisman boxes provided to be able to have a set of four level 30 talismans which should be the baseline minimum for testing.
    • The amount of gems provided to level the artifacts to +9 was close, but did not get you there; had to create a second character to take gems from.
    • There were no Greater Alvir's Tears provided to awaken the artifacts, but Ael's Tears Pure and G7 gems were provided to level one artifact to level +14. Why have an event where people are going to grind through current content to acquire 50 Greater Alvir's Tears so they can awaken one artifact?
    • While on the subject of artifacts, since you were able to send out a complete set of Alvir's level 0, why couldn't you send out Alvir's level +9 instead of 2000 Ael's tears and a bunch of gems? Again a lot of time just spent clicking and not trying out new content.
    • Ran out of Stormfront coins for buying gear/runes, double the amount given would have been better.
    New Content Feedback:
    • Potions: given how difficult the new content is there were not enough given out for testing
    • 60 Hell Dungeon: OMG way too much damage done, way too much health for pretty much everything on a +0 setting. 3 player party could not complete.
    • 60 Archdevil: 3 player party could not complete.
    • It is an extremely slow grind in the current NA build to gather sufficient golden lotus to complete resistance levels 6 and 7. If there are to be new resistance levels and materials can the drop rates be adjusted so they are more reasonable? If players have to painfully grind and grind they may just look for a different game to play.

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    Father of Devilian is Here

    My Feedback about:

    1) 97 Weapon Runes from New hell dungeon don't have Artifact Amplification (Bug it, or Feature i don't know. Seems is Bug)
    2) Each Boss in New Hell dropped Purple ilvl 97 Item. Seems like Hell - it Reworked Archdevil, Where Developers Forgot to FIX this. So now it Very easy way to Get Gear. Drop chance must be reduced or in next 2 week all shard will be in End-Game Gear Better (97 vs 95) then Raid gear.

    3) Each boss have Drop 1-2-3 G7 Gems, and 1-2-3 Alvirs (Pure)
    Here 3 Bosses (Medium - Medium - Hard)
    So it's Ok. Good Loot for Good Challenge

    4) Last boss first time seems hard. But if you know how to Dodge Spinning, and can Kill Adds - it's not so Hard.
    Each time from Last boss dropped a lot Essence for ressistance ~14 Lotuses + Gems + purple
    Loot is a BIg, but Boss deserve it. because fight not fast.

    In PTS hell was cleared with 68k GearScore.
    So in Live it will be cleared with 110k in 10 min.

    Skill 60 Berserker 109k Gs (Top-1)
    Skillb 58 Berserker Skillw 58 Berserker
    Skills 58 Evoker Skilled 58 Evoker
    SkillT 58 Tempest SkillH 58 ShadowHunter
    Skilld 58 Canoneer Ragnessa 60 Canoneer
    Xandr 58 ShadowHunter Exxtazzy 58 evoker
    Sence 60 Canoneer SkillC 58 Canoneer
    Sensis 58 Evoker
    Play from December 2015. 458 Days, 5843 hours in Devilian Totally.

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