Update Highlights

The level cap has been raised to 60!

New Hell Mode for the Fallen Castle Dungeon!
It seems that Magkor has enlisted new help to guard his Castle. You may recognize these foes as bosses from previous dungeons: Kamaitan, Espada, and Ordos. Magkor is waiting for you, at the end, but stay vigilant! He has some new tricks up his sleeve should he grow bored... Only level 60 players with a gear score of 1160 or above can enter this updated and hellish landscape.

Should you conquer Magkor, the dungeon roulette wheel has a surprise for you: G7 gems can roll as a reward! You might even be lucky enough win a Hellspawn accessory, too.

New Heroic Level Transcendent Dungeon Dimensional Fortress!
Gain access to this new Heroic dungeon twice daily, through the Transcendent Portal (Heroic) in Asperon or through the Dungeon Finder (under the Archdevil tab). Vanquish the mini-bosses fast enough, you will gain buffs to bolster your efforts on the end boss, which is randomly chosen! You must have a Gear Score of 1180 and be level 60 to enter.

Weapons and Armor
Added the Hellspawn and Chimera sets!
Added Hellspawn Gear, found in the Hell Mode of Fallen Castle.
Added Chimera Gear, found in the Heroic Level Transcendent Dungeon, Dimensional Fortress.
You can buy specific gear by using the salvaged souls by right clicking them in your inventory, or by visiting the vendors in Asperon.

Added a new tier of Healing Potions for level 60 characters: Special
Added a Crafting recipe for the Special Instant Health Potion
Added level 60 Branding Runes

Devil Hunts
Increased the chance of getting Rare and Heroic Devilian Weapons from the Devil Hunt!
Venomous Frang Greed has been given an infusion of power, and is now more difficult to defeat.
Added a new reward: the Devilian Transcendent Stone Box!

Devilian Gear
Improved the success rate of enchanting Devilian Gear