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Thread: A few things to take a look

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    A few things to take a look

    Hello everyone,

    I found some bugs while playing this through 2 closed betas by now. Some of them affect more and some less on how enjoyable the game is. Long story short the things are:
    • When you interact with warehouse manager and try to scroll down, the fps drops to 0 for 2 sec and then comes back and it repeats over and over how you continue to scroll.
    • Yesterday was the massive fps drop in the game just while playing. I guess probably because a lot of people played on beta servers that aren't that strong but anyway It's not very fun to pull whole instance part to one place and when you start bombing it the fps starts to drop to like 14 or something.
    • I had error once that exit the game and said that I need to check my graphics card to see if I meet the requirements for the game and I got Nvidia Geforce GTX650 which is enough. But this error only occurred once since I'm playing.
    • And one of the biggest ones for me is chat bug where I got dislocated chat one over another. I can't open guild, party, area chat and can't modify them at all. My clicking is useless and there is no settings available so I could move something and rearrange it. Please check this one out !

    The more I play the game the more I like it

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    *Known to drop FPS a lot, as well as other Menus like Friends List, Mail, hovering over things on the Map (for details), and other things that you probably wouldn't see with your computer.

    *I think that is your computer limitations, because 14 FPS is amazing for me, I'll tell you what I play in in a bit.

    *This happens sometimes, even on startup.

    *Have seen this a couple of times, you'd have to move around and tinker with the additional window and try to place it back on the main one.

    You only need 6+ FPS to play this game because my range of playing is 0-35; where I spend a lot of time in 0-8 and up to 15, and 0-5 is not playable even by me (many years of playing with lag); my laptop is old, probably as old as some of the kids here but having played through Alpha and Beta with 0-8 FPS average and up to 12-15, I'd say you're doing good if you're going to 14 with a huge mob of enemies if I can barely see 12-35 standing still in town zoomed in on a windowed screen with reduced resolution (tablets have better chance than my laptop apparently). Of course, a lot of people prefer 30-40-60 FPS, but I'm quite content if I can get 6+ lol.

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